About Us

Company Profile

The company “SEMESTA” was formed by the collaboration initiative of several professionals who have experience managing construction projects since 2005. We have continuously enhanced our knowledge of construction technology and embracedthe “Green” spirit. We are ready to contribute to nation-building from west to east across the motherland.

Our principle is to provide highly cooperative services with excellent quality. With a competent team, we accept development service requests, both general construction and design & build construction. In 2016, we consolidated our vision and mission in PT Semesta Konstruksi to address all the development needs in this country.


To become the largest and most trusted construction company in Indonesia and to prosper all the stakeholders involved


To build the nation with innovative construction and cutting-edge technology.

Core Values

The first value is the attitude that must be instilled in every SEMESTA staff member.

The SEMESTA staff members who have integrity create high value in the quality of their professional role execution and the quality of their final performance results and can increase client trust in the company’s credibility and capability.

The second value is the attitude that must be instilled in every SEMESTA staff member when interacting with other SEMESTA employees.

An organized attitude can improve the quality of collaboration and connectivity within the team, thus providing better results for each implementation of the company’s programs.

The third value is the attitude that must be instilled in every SEMESTA staff member to establish good relationships with parties outside the company.

This attitude can improve the quality of external relations, thus expanding the company’s network and enhancing the company’s good reputation.

Corporate Culture

Collaborate • Adaptable • Responsible • Empathize

Spirit of cooperation with full skills and commitment to achieving the mission effectively and efficiently.

Committed to perfection by increasing creativity without limits to foster progress and unity.

Fast and responsive, building with quality, upholding safety values, taking actions to build trust with full honesty and responsibility to achieve work targets.

The spirit of mutual respect and appreciation for oneself, colleagues, and the company, guiding and motivating each other, fostering continuous improvement in work, and realizing the benefits of change.